Characteristics During the Victorian Era When

Characteristics During the Victorian Era When imagining the Victorian Age, royalty, fancy lifestyles, and elaborate living often come to mind. However, during this same era, other lifestyles and conditions of a completely different nature were occurring. Many of the English people lived in poverty. Charles Dickens, one of the great writers of this period, described how it was to live during the Victorian Era. Although England grew from an agricultural to an industrial society, not all citizens benefited from this change. In addition, the undesirable health and medical environment plagued both the wealthy and the poor. Charles Dickens was a profound British writer who composed novels, short stories, dramatic works, poetry, and essays (Charles Dickens 1). He was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth England where he was the second of eight children (Perdue 1). His father John was a minor government official as a clerk in the Navy Pay Office: he was then transferred to Somerset House in London. The family moved to Chatham in the Medway Valley, where Charles experienced the most glorious part of his childhood (Perdue 1). After moving back to London, John Dickens had a tendency to live beyond his needs, spending all the money he earned, and was sent to Marshalsea debtors prison in 1824 (Charles (John Huffam) Dickens 2). Starting at an early age, Dickens was taught at home by his mother Elizabeth, and later attended a Dame school in Chatham. Even though he had received a decent education, he felt very unsuccessful since his sister Frances was winning awards studying at The Royal Academy of Music, while he was still a mere boy (Charles (John Huffam) Dickens 2). According to David Perdue, Charles was removed from school and sent to work at a boot-blacking factory earning six shillings a week to help support the family. Charles considered this the worst time in his life, which would later influence much…

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