Characteristics of Social Science Research

What is Social science in its broadest the study of society and the manner in which people behave and influence the world around and Social Research study of behavior people people people Social Science Subjects Communication Political Social and sociology ethnicity and employment and recreation population lifestyle wellbeing just to name a few What is Social Science research is a scientific undertaking which by means of logical aim to discover new facts or old facts and to analyze their casual explanations and natural laws which govern It applies scientific method to social inquiry on Human beings and their life contexts Philosophical questions relating to the Nature of knowledge Values and Being Objectives of social research To facilitate the understanding of human behavior It seeks to find explanation to unexplained social phenomena To identify functional relationship existing in a social phenomena To find out the natural laws that regulate or direct social phenomena To standardize the society generation social distance To formulate solution to social Objectives of social research To maintain social remove social misconception Helps clarify doubts and correct misconceptions about facts of life Characteristics of Social Science Research Both theory and field research are essential Field work helps the

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