characters Pip and Joe in Great Expectations

characters Pip and Joe in Great ExpectationsResearched essayThe researched formal essay will consist of 4/5 pages (1000 words approx) plus a bibliography. Please include quotations with the correct citation from two or more texts. You should use the essay topic as your essay title. You may if you choose hand in a preliminary draft for comments and suggestions in order to improve your essay. When analysing a specific text you should use refer to one or more of the following: Character, setting, point of view, symbolism, theme, style/tone/ work will be in Great expectation by Charles DicknsionBecky Sharpe has great expectations. Pip chooses to live in vanity fair. Both characters are children who lose their parents and have to find their own way in Victorian society…Compare the characters Pip and Joe in Great Expectations. In what way might they be considered different and what may Dickens have hoped to his readers would understand about the virtues of each.Choose of 1 the 2 questions. Write a researched essay of 4/5 pages with a bibliography arguing that Becky and Pip?s lives are similar or, alternatively, that their lives are different.

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