ChemistryReview on a research

ChemistryReview on a research topic related to the use of stable and /or radio isotopes in forensic science.Project descriptionTerm paper: Write a synthetic review on a research topic related to the use of stable and/or radio- isotopes in Forensic science.The Paper should be clear and well written. It must be between 4000 and 6000 words in length not including the references and figures/tables.The paper should consist of an abstract (1 paragraph), an introduction (review and contextualization of the topic in general), a methods section (only if needed! Do not give all analytical details ? this section should not account for more than 20% of the paper), a discussion (implications, sources, preservation potential, uses, biogeochemical ?message?, advantages/disadvantages, need for research, etc.), a short conclusion, and references (the majority from refereed scientific papers ? at least 2/3 of all references). Make sure to acknowledge your sources when recopying figures and tables. The line spacing should be set at 1.5.The preferred writer has worked on a previous term paper for me about viruses. If the writer is not capable of doing a great job on this term paper, please assign someone who will provide me with an Aplus paper.!

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