Chicano Culture1. The American

Chicano Culture1. The American popular culture that engulfs us can tell us a great deal about: who we are, traditions, roots, history, economics, political life, prejudices, values and attitudes. Therefore elaborate on the effects and consequences of the given phenomenon on Chicano culture.2. What has been the impact and consequence of the "sounds of East LA" genre on the artistic musical forms of rock ?n? roll, R&B and punk? Also discuss the long historical role of the "corrido" to Chicano culture as well as Lalo Guerrero?s contribution to Chicano culture.3. Articulate and analyze the pejorative role of Chicano racial and cultural stereotypes in Hollywood Cinema and its consequential effects on the perception of Chicano culture by mainstream America.4. Discuss the historical, social, and cultural roles that Spanish- language newspapers have played in the Chicano community. How was Pedro J. Gonzalez instrumental to the early history of Spanish- language radio? Also have have Chicano/ Latinos responded to the generally negative state of participation of Chicano/ Latinos in mainstream television?!

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