Child Study.USE ACARA DOCUMENTS AND FIRST STEPS and article by Clarke, Roche 81 MitchellACARA link Please find attached doc for detailed requirementsDiagnostic assessment and report of a child?s understanding of fractions. This report should reflect an understanding and implementation of aconstructivist approach to the diagnosis and follow-up teaching.It is a study of an individual child and his/her understanding of fractions. It incorporates an initial diagnostic assessment interview with the child followedby an analysis of the interview upon which a plan for the subsequent tutoring sessions is devised. This intervention will take the form of one on onetutoring sessions with the child. The Child Study also includes a report documenting what occurred during a planned intervention over a period of weeksas well as an indicative plan for what future teaching and learning would be needed.YOU MUST USE ACARA DOCUMENTS AND FIRST STEPS and article by Clarke, Roche 8:. MitchellThis is the link to the Australian Curriculum that you will need to refer to. the layout that was given1.Intro/Rationale2. Summary of the diagnostic interview ? Describe the extent of the child?s fraction understanding in terms of the key understandings (Results from the diagnostic ? where is the child at?) Include a summary of what you decided to do in the tutoring sessions and why. Describe how your plan is linked to the key understandings and to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.3. Summary of the tutoring sessions This section should describe the key learning that took place. Consider some of the following questions as a guide:oWhat did the child learn and how did s/he demonstrate that learning?o What were some of the tasks that worked well? Why did they work?oWhat didn?t work? Why didn?t it work?oWhat did you do about that?It is important to give specific examples of tasks and the child?s responses4. ? Future planning ? Give a brief description of what the child appears to know at the end of the process and what s/he needs to learn about nextOrder for your custom written PAPER now!

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