Child Within Throughout The Little Prince, Anto

Child Within Throughout The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery uses his life experiences to help write this book. He uses his life to create a plot; these experiences will both be described in this paper, along with how they are related to each other. Exupery grew up in Saint-Maurice de Remens. He lived in a castle with a fairytale atmosphere. Joelle Eyheramanno stated that Antoines childhood turned around two poles, Saint-Maurice de Remens and his mother. His brother died when he was a teenager; during the years following his brothers death, his higher education was focused on astrology and literature. While in school, he was called for military service. The military introduced him to aviation. His interest soon turned into a passion. This passion was with him since the days at Saint-Maurice de Remens, when he would watch the airfield next to the castle. Just when everything seemed to be going his way, he was asked to resign from the military by his girlfriend. He did so and began to work for her father as a clerk. He did not like his line of work and began writing at this time. Soon after, he decided to become a pilot for a commercial airline. The man, who interviewed him for the pilot position, recalled that Exupery had a fertile imagination among other things. He flew once again for this company, until he went back to fly for the army. He spent much time alone at a post in Cape Juby, where he wrote and took time to contemplate. Soon after his time in the desert, his services were no longer needed in the military. He resigned and moved to America. He lived here in and out of depression, until he once again was flying in North Africa for the military. He flew many missions, and on his ninth mission his airplane and his body never returned. His plane and his body were never seen again. Much of this life is portrayed in The Little Prince. The plot of The Little Prince is simple. The little …

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