CHRISTIANITY And such trust have we through

CHRISTIANITY And such trust have we through Christ to God-ward Corinthians 4:5 I have a confession to make: I have been Catholic all my life and Ihave never fully read the bibile. Unbeleiveable considering I went to Catholic School from kindergarten to eighth grade! I have followed my religion my own way. I believe God and I are close, not to be funny but, we talk. Needless to sayI do most of the talking, he does respond to my taking in ways that I amsure he exists. I know this when I wake up and see the sun peek through my window, or when I drive along the road and see the leaves changing colors. I know this is true whenever I look up on a clear night and see the brightest stars through the wispy lcouds. And I fully believe that there is more thatn I can imagine witing for me when the sun tries to sneak through the clouds forming rays of the light in such a way that leaves me breathless. Still, in all of this wonderment how do I still have fear in my heart? I have fear because I do not have control and I do not know what will happen, I can only hope. I have a faith, that even when shaken still holds true. I think though, how can I be sure. I think this on those dark nights when everyone in the house is asleep but me, and all that I can hear is the nervous beating of my heart. This is when I contomplat what happens to me when I die. Will there be nothing like before I was born. Will I not know the conscious mind? Will I die and lay in the cold earth and be still for all eternity with only the perfect joy I had in life behind me and there will be no more? Or will I die and wake up, like life was a dream, and it gets better. All of the beauty I was tsalking about surrounds me and I am once again with my family? Will it be a mixture of all te happiness I had in life with the constant beuaty of my favorite days with my family for all eternity? These sare the thoughts that run rampant in my mind. Not…

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