Christology In relation to the humanity, he i

Christology In relation to the humanity, he is one and the same Christ, the son, the Lord, the Only Begotten, who is to be acknowledged in two natures, without confusion, without change, without division and without separation. – Creed of Chalcedon (A.D. 451) For thousands of years the true nature of Jesus Christ has been widely debated. Christology is the theology devoted to studying the human and divine natures and roles of Jesus Christ. Many interpretations and viewpoints have been formed and disputed since the death of Christ up to present times. Three major councils were organized to discuss the teachings and understandings of Jesus early in the first millennium. The discussions at Nicaea (A.D. 325), Constantinople (A.D. 381), and Chalcedon (A.D. 451) were developed into creeds that explained their belief in terms of the nature of Christ. These three creeds insisted that Christ was fully a man and fully God, not one or the other or part of both. There were many other early perspectives of Christology in the Christian church. Each viewpoint had its individual varying forms and degrees. These are the basic convictions of the most prominent ones: Docetism: This doctrine preached that Christ was of a divine nature and only seemed to have a human form. He appeared to suffer on the cross but was in fact incapable of feeling human misery. The viewpoint stems from one that insists all matter is evil (dualism); therefore, Christ could simply not be human because he could not be evil. The name derives from the Greek word, dokein, to seem, to appear. It was finally denounced at the Council of Chalcedon. Arianism: Arius, a priest in Alexandria, taught that Christ was part of the Trinity, but not as divine as God. Since God supposedly created Christ, he could surely not be as holy as him. It was acknowledged that Christ was not of a human nature, but not of a total divine nature either. He…

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