Citizenship in the World, Bsa Merit Badge.

Citizenship in the Jack Requirement does Citizenship in the world mean to and what does it take to become Citizenship in the meaning that one ultimately is motivated to defend and preserve human and human Has an interest in an assortment of global and fairness to nations other than their own and This person would have respect for fellow human regardless of or and works to protect the world from Requirement does one become a United States and what are the duties and obligations of these and two other United Are at least 18 years old and a lawful permanent resident Have resided continuously in the United having been lawfully admitted for permanent for five years immediately preceding the date you filed your application for or after having been removed from conditional permanent resident based upon your marriage to a having resided in the United States for one year after the date the condition was Have resided continuously in the United States at all times after your application to the time and date of your admission for during all periods of time referred to been and still are a person of good moral Have no outstanding deportation or removal order

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