City of Chicago Information Security Policy

Critique of current Chicago information security policy Enterprise Information Security Policy Areas similar to standards discussed Overview of the corporate philosophy on security Documents the Introduction and Purpose of the Information security policy of Chicago It provides a reasonable framework that helps the reader to understand the intent of the document Overview The City of Chicago intends to manage its information technology and information assets to maximize their and secure use in support of the business and its This the Information Security Policy defines the governing principles for the secure operation and management of the information technology maintained by the City and for the protection of the information Violations of the Information Security Policy must be reported to Department Management or the Department of Innovation and Chief Information Purpose To define the responsibilities of the and agencies with respect to appropriate use and protection of the information assets and To ensure that the information assets and technology are secure from unauthorized or Information Security Organization Provides information on the structure of the information security organization and individuals that fulfill the information security role Scope This Information Security Policy applies to the City of its and and all temporary contractors and

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