Civic and Citizenship Education in Malaysia

CIVIC AND CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION IN MALAYSIA SCHOOLS ABSTRACT States should at every stage of an active civic training which will enable every person to gain a knowledge of the method of operation and the work of public whether national or and to participate in the cultural life of the community and in public Wherever this participation should increasingly link education and action to solve problems at the national and international Student participation in the organisation of studies and of the educational establishment they are attending should itself be considered a factor in civic education and an important element in international Recommendation concerning Education for International and Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental The government of Malaysia has considered the importance of teaching civic education in As a subject called it first appeared in the primary school curricular after the country gained its independence in In Civics and Citizenship Education was introduced as a compulsory subject into the Malaysian school system and It is important for schools to educate the young generation to be active and participating citizens in this 21st This article discusses about the Civic and Citizenship Education implementation in school in INTRODUCTION Civics and Citizenship

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