Cja 304 Barriers to Effective Communication

Barriers to Effective Communication Nikkeya West CJA 304 March 2012 Clark Nissen University Of Phoenix Abstract The importance of communication in all professions is often In the criminal justice field there is no excuse for misconception and one mistake could affect multiple This paper will outline the barriers in effective how they affect the criminal justice field and more importantly how to overcome such We will explore the process of informal and formal forms of communication and then the difference between listening and Communication Process Communication often times involves two a sender and a With law enforcement this can involve interpersonal communication between a citizen and an officer or between a detective and an or it can be group communication in which parties of three of more are involved in communicating amongst each The communication process involves five of the following Transmitting an sending the idea through a the receiver acquiring the message and decoding Understanding the message through decoding and then the last step providing feedback to the However many parties are communication exists of three main Paraverbal and nonverbal With the use of the communication process and the following three components we can clearly begin to understand the

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