Classical Studies (OFC304C) Skills Practice T

Classical Studies (OFC304C) Skills Practice Task Short Answers 1) The sources for ancient history are divided into four categories. Name each of them, and briefly describe two of those categories. h Archaeology: Archaeology is the science or study of history derived from the evidence of the relics and remains of early human cultures as discovered chiefly by systematic excavations. The Oxford Classical dictionary defines archaeology as the study of the whole material culture. By this definition, archaeology is the study of history through the analysis of tangible evidence. e.g. roads, buildings, sculptures, tools h Coins (Numismatics) Numismatics is the science of coins and medals. As a source, coins are of particular importance. A lot can be determined in regards to metal usage, quantity of metals, craftsmanship, identity (in terms of origin) and trade. Coins were generally made of gold, silver, electrum, bronze and copper. Not much has changed in the way of coins. The designs are easily identifiable as to which period and origin they had belonged to. In addition to this, the complexity of the design work shows the relative ability of the people of that time in terms of workmanship. Roman coins can be found all over Europe. In light of this, it is possible to deduce that Romans had contact with other countries. Also the quantity of coins at a certain location could give some idea as to the amount of trade that existed. In addition coins are incredibly durable, thus being an ideal source for archaeological evidence. h Inscriptions h Literature 2) What was a Greek Polis? The Poleis were a body of cities in an autonomous state. There are many sources that define the Polis in one way or the other as a city-state. In all simplicity, it is a community of citizens (adult males), women, children, slaves and resident foreigners. It was self- sufficient, had its own government, constit…

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