Clinical leadership and governance

PART I: Write a one-page overview of your proposed project. Include the following in your proposal: ? A provisional title. This should be descriptive and provide the reader with a clear idea of the topic. ? Five keywords. This will help in your research and will identify key themes. ? A clear thesis statement. Clearly convey the issue(s) under investigation in your paper. Consider the questions who? what? where? when? why? and how? in developing a clear statement of your topic. Your topic should be specific and clear. ? Theoretical overview. Provide a theoretical grounding for your inquiry and draw key themes from course readings and discussions. Your topic must deal with an issue related that can be approached from a sociological perspective. In this section you should identify specific concepts from course texts that will guide your project?make direct connections to key themes we have discussed. ? An overview of the methods you will use. Will you use data from existing research? How will you use scholarly sources in your project? Will you conduct interviews or use surveys to collect original data that you will then analyze? Clearly note and explain how you will approach the research. Briefly note and explain each method you will use. ? An overview of the final product format. Although the default is a traditional research paper, you may choose to present your final findings and report on a blog or you might want to create a photographic essay or video. * ?Contemporary suicidal bomber.? argue how been a suicidal bomber is deviant and how the norm of modern life says this is deviant. Argument Support: 1. Is not sanction by war, 2. Is violence, 3. Is consider violence that these bombers are killing innocent people, 4. We are in a modern society, where we have a social contract that guarantee that we are not going to blow each other out. The argument is , that contemporary suicidal bomber is a for of deviants. Is rare and is not normal. Textbook: seeing ourselves. Classic, contemporary, and cross-cultural reading in sociology. Eighth edition.Deviance is a wide raging term used by sociologist to refer to behavior that varies, in some way, form a social norm. thus, deviance refers to rule breaking behavior. crime is deviant, but not all deviance is crime.writers that speak about deviant behavior and social norms: Durkheim, Rosenhan, Anderson and Farley.

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