Clover, growth rate, inoculation with Nitrogen f

Clover, growth rate, inoculation with Nitrogen fixing bacteria in Nitrogen deficient conditions Nitrogen Fixation was proved to increase the growth of clover plants over a ten-week experiment in Nitrogen deficient conditions. The Hypothesis was proved correct with no difficulties encountered. Nitrogen is approximately 78% (volume) of dry air. It is present in the protoplasm of living matter and the compounds contained in Nitrogen (Nitric Acid, Explosives, Cyanides, Fertilisers and Protein) are necessary to the continuation of life. Nitrogen is an essential constituent of Amino Acids that form Protein, which builds protoplasm. Although Nitrogen is about 78% (volume) of dry air this gaseous Nitrogen cant be used by animals or plants. The Nitrogen must be Fixed and turned into compounds such as Ammonia or Nitrates, which can be used. This is where Nitrogen Fixation comes in. Nitrogen Fixation is the term to describe the reduction of atmospheric Nitrogen to Ammonia. Nitrogen Fixing bacteria live in the roots of Leguminous plants like beans peas and clover. The bacteria enter the plants through its root hairs and cause cells (cortical) of the root to proliferate which causes swelling called a Root Nodule. Vascular strands connect the nodule with vascular tissues in the main root. Bacteria rapidly multiply in the cells, fixing atmospheric Nitrogen which is then built up into Amino Acids and Proteins. The Amino Acid is then taken in by the plant to form plant tissue. There are two main types of Nitrogen fixing bacteria, those that live free in the soil and those that live enclosed in the root nodules of leguminous plants. The free-living bacteria are species of Clostridium and Azotobacter. The se species are generally present in agriculture soils and use energy from decaying matter in the soil to fuel cell processes. The bacteria that live in the root nodules of leguminous plants are of the genus Rhizobi…

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