Cluster Computing

Write 3-4 page papers on the following topics. You should consult online resources. Starting points would be google searches and particularly searches on google scholar ( Some references are also indicated below. In each case, the paper should conform to IEEE conference standards and use the word template below You should reference all sources used. Note that you are expected to summarize the material in your own words. If you are using text verbatim from a source that MUST be indicated using quotation marks ( like this). Failure to do this will be considered plagiarism and is a violation of University policy. More credit will be given to papers that locate further sources and use them appropriately. Question 1: Write a description of the challenges of exascale computing. Consider particularly the issues of architecture, data movement, and the need for algorithm change. This should be an Executive Summary. Initial Sources: the architecture, programming and performance of the Intel Xeon Phi and the Nvidia Tesla K20x coprocessors and their use in supercomputers, particularly from the Top500. This should be a literature review. Initial Sources: THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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