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1.Is Sol Levin running a business?just like any other business?or is his company open to moral criticism? Defend your answer by appeal to moral principle. In today?s society has become a commercial chain selling bloodit cannot be stoppedif not in the interests of business between demand it will always be a demandis what we need.May be a pint of blood can promote economic growthsoit also belongs to egoism(Shaw et al2013p/63)so blood trading wether to follow business ethicsin my opinion depending on the needs of the recipientnot the opposite.Philosopher Peter Singer elaborated this point in the blood?If bloodCommodity market Study is the price of a commoditydonation only means to save other people?s money?.(p/99)So if the blood successful sale transactionboth to meet the needs of those who also grew by commercial interestsbelongs ?a double win pay?. 2.Did Plasma international strike a fair bargain with the West Africans who supplied their blood to the company?Or is Plasma guilty of exploiting them in some way?Explain your answer. I would agrue that the bargain here was not fair.Plasma international until a Tampa paper charged that Plasma was purchasing blood for as little as 15 cents a pint and then reselling it to hospital in the United States and South America for $25per pint.Bloodlow sell high income as a worthless commodity. i supposed Plasma international is quility.But West Africanlarge populationbackward developmentso 3.Many believe that commercialisation is increaing in all areas of modern life.If sois it something to be applauded or condemned?Is it wrong to treat certain things-such as human organs-as commodities? Human organs-applaudedwe can help poor person who needs organsbut commodities is differen.”

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