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1.1 ? The purpose of communication can be given by any means it could be talking email text message phone call meeting as a group and notes. But all of these are done for the same reason to resolve a problem to communicate a problem to others to resolve it or to organize or explain the problem to help other understand the agenda of what you are speaking about or working on. Every person has their own skills and knowledge so by communicating we can help each other learn or explain things to each other by all of Communicate in a business environment the forms of communications mentioned above. There would be no understanding or routine without communication. 1.2 ? The reasons for knowing the audience to whom you are speaking to is that if you know them then you can quickly figure out or should already know what way language or style of writing which should or could be used. The aim is always to get your point problem or query understood by whomever may be listening reading or watching. So if it is an individual group or team or people you know that you may know personally this makes the task at hand so much easier because they will believe you in what you are saying or trying to communicate across in which ever manner which is chosen. They will also understand the language emotion or attitude you will be using towards them compared to if it was a complete stranger trying to understand you. I will always use whichever way of talking writing or body language which I think will be the easiest for my selected audience at hand. 1.3 ? The different methods of communication are Verbal Written and non-verbal (Body language). Verbal would be communicating by using my voice to say and tell whatever I may be trying to communicate across to my audience. Written communication would be sending an email letter text message to explain tell or inform my audience. Non-verbal communication using body language would be showing with my hands eyes or face by using gestures to show and tell. 1.4 ? You should always use different methods of communication for example if you was in a management meeting you would always communicate verbally in a formal manner. For just having a general talk between our editorial team in our desk area we would use informal for talking about the plans for the social media sites for the company what products should be selected to show up on the company?s daily Facebook updates. Non-verbal would or could be used by sending an emails to someone to add facts figures or statistic?s or even in a form as a written note. Body language is always used even without us know we are doing it in any form of communication except sending emails texts etc.? Body language can tell or show a lot more from the way you hold your self during a public speaking or when at an informal or formal meetings.”

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