company: Johnson and Johnson

company: Johnson and JohnsonWhen you answer these BPC questions on Finance I want you to write out the dollar amounts. For example, if they say 6 billion dollars write out $6,000,000,000. Insome reports they will leave out some of the zeros in order to conserve space, and you may see a number such as 6,000. Look for a bracket with zeros in it, such as(000,000). This means you will have to add six zeros to the number, so 6,000 now becomes 6,000,000. Your company probably is valued in the billions so look fornumbers in the billions.1 ? What is your company?s Total Assets, Total Liabilities, and Total Equity?2 ? What is your company?s Total Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, and Cash from Operations?3 ? What accounting firm audits your company?s fiancial statements? (It will be one of the Big Four accounting firms)4 ? Who is the CFO of your company? How long has he held this position?5 ? Has your company restated its financial statements in the past three years? If so, what was the reason?6 ? What does management say that explains the financial results?!

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