Comparative Essay- Screen History and Research

Introduction Tim was a late teen living in Sydney in the when he would regularly attend the cinemas or as he referred to The cinema was held in high regard as an event and you would come out of the cinema feeling much better than when you went an escapism if you As Tim many people went almost every week to catch and there was always a about the weekend when most would go to the the same could be said about movie Movies have always been a part of popular having impact on the music and even Going to the movies today is still seen as but the film and movie industry has since seen a tremendous change and culture from what it was in the There have been numerous advancements such as scores and scripts to name a Technology When you compare movies today to earlier films there are still similarities but there are a lot of differences as from silent movies to black and white movies to the introduction of color in Take surround sound as an today we just assume that movies viewed at the cinema will automatically be in surround sound but it until the

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