Comparing Little Red Riding Hood throughout history

Comparing Little Red Riding Hood throughout historyOrder DescriptionTopic: Like monsters, fairy tales have been adapted and revised throughout history, reflecting the cultures from which variants originate. Research some variants of ?Little Red Riding Hood? (such as ?The Story of Grandmother,? or Charles Perrault?s ?Little Red Riding Hood,? or the Grimm Brothers? ?Little Red Cap?). How does this variant compare to your memories of the ?Red Riding Hood? story? To Carter?s ?The Company of Wolves?? To Once Upon a Time?s ?Red-Handed? (or see ?Child of the Moon??season 2, episode 7). How does Carter?s monster and Ruby in ?Red-Handed? reflect the culture and time period when they were written or made? You must have a Works Cited and a Title.

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