Computer crime has increased in resent years.

Computer crime has increased in resent years. The book gives several examples of past computer crimes. Before reading chapter 2 I thought that computer crimes only involved crimes that where associated with hacks. But I learned that a computer crime is a crime that involved a computer in any way. Even if it was just to close a bank account. This chapter gave me a good understanding of what a computer crime is, it also made me think how could I make some money. By reading this chapter I was surprised to learn that most computer crimes are committed by people that dont have an extensive understanding of computers, but by opportunist. In one of the cases I read about, a group of hackers figured out a way to intrude into the bank system but didnt do any damage to the bank. Then they tried to sell their knowledge to the bank and got arrested. It seemed unfair to me that for trying to help the bank they got arrested. In many cases the people accused of computer crime do it without know what they do. As in the example of the 8 year old boy that transferred 1,000,000 dollars to his account by inserting a envelope with a cartoon of cereal in it and pressing 1 many times. I thought the book made a good point in saying that most computer crimes are kept secret from the public by the victims especially banks so people wont loose their trust in them. I think all people come to a point in their life that they have the opportunity to enrich them self illegally without getting caught and thats where a descent and ethical person is reveled. Software theft is a very commune type of crime. Crimes that all off us commit, but dont feel neither wrong in committing it nor will stop doing it for several reasons. Software companies charge unrealistically high for software packages. Users personally wont be penalized for doing so. Nobody wants to pay for something they can get for free. But at the same t…

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