Computer crime is any illegal act which involves

Computer crime is any illegal act which involves a computer system whether the computer is an object of a crime, an instrument used to commit a crime or a repository of evidence related to a crime. Telecommunication crime is the fraudulent use of any telephone, microwave, satellite or other telecommunications system. Many telecommunications systems themselves are computers and therefore in some instances, offences against a telecommunication system can also be considered a computer crime. Computers and telecommunications have become a critical part of the daily lives of Canadians, and criminals have also been able to take advantage of this technology. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is responsible for the investigation of all computer crime offences within its jurisdiction. It also investigates such crimes where the Government of Canada is the victim, regardless of primary jurisdiction. In addition, the RCMP can investigate offences involving organized crime or offences related to the national interests of Canada. ——————————————————————————– RCMP Support Staff There are RCMP Commercial Crime Sections is every major city in Canada. Each one of these units has at least one investigator who has received specialized training in the investigation of computer crimes. These investigators are supported by the RCMP Computer Investigative Support Unit (CISU) located at RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa. CISU can provide technical guidance and expertise to all Canadian police departments and federal government agencies in relation to computer and telecommunication crime investigation. Types of Crime In Canada today, the main types of computer and telecommunication crime are unauthorized access to computers (hacking), mischief to data, theft of telecommunications, and copyright violations of software (illegal copying and distribution of software). In addition, computers are …

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