Computer Information Specialist Case Analysis

Running Computer Information Specialist Computer Information Specialist Title and Citation United States General Accounting Office Decision Matter Computer Information January 2004 Facts of the Case Computer Information filed a protest of the award of a contract to Open Technology CIS responded to a request for proposals by the Department of Health and Human Services for telecommunications support services at the Maryland The solicitation specified a requirements contract with fixed hourly rates for a base year with four The agency intended to award the contract based on with several criteria as the most heavily weighted Proposals were to include fixed hourly rates for labor The agency received numerous proposals and established a competitive range of four firms after initial The range included CIS as well as OTG the eventual Following the contract award to CIS underwent an agency debrief and subsequently filed a protest asserting that both its proposal and the proposal of OTG were Issues Agencies are required to evaluate proposals based solely on the evaluation factors identified in the according to Federal Acquisition they must adequately document the reasons for their evaluation conclusions GAO recommended to the agency was at a minimum reevaluate both proposals to ascertain if they

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