Computer Science vs Information Technology

Computer Science is basically concerned with the study of A student of Computer Science learns about hardware and operating It is also about highly technical stuff like multitasking databases and address It is said to be about the principles of computing and about the design of the computer and its Computer science is concerned only with computers while it is not so with Information Information Technology on the other hand is about how the computer can be employed to various operations in Thus it concerned with the study of applying computer science to human operations in industries and A student of Information technology would deal with subjects like application etc rather than the actual operation of the computer Thus IT is about the use of the computer for certain functions that would make work easier and better without actual delving into the details of computer Information Deals with the technologies used by people and businesses every This includes video Computer An academic field devoted to the study of including a wide variety of and practical problems which can be solved using While Computer Science does teach about the computer it also studies the underlying ideas behind computing and how computers

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