Computer sciences and Information technology

Computer sciences and Information technologyHW 2: Identify a Solution , information systemProject descriptionhere is my instruction for HW2,HW 2: Identify a SolutionCastle HotelsInstructions: Review the Castle Hotels case from HW 1. Follow the directions listed below.100-_____After reviewing your evaluation of Castle Hotels, management has requested that you locate a commercially available software package to meet the needs identified. Your task is to locate three potential software packages which meet the specific needs identified in the earlier evaluation (HW 1). In addition, you have been asked to recommend a specific package. Factors to consider include meeting specific requirements ease of use, cost, and expandability for use in multiple locations. In your brief (1-2 page) write-up, be sure to list three packages, the appropriate URLs, the price of each package (you need prices for at least 2?many companies will not provide a price without consultation?don?t bother calling the companies), the pros and cons of that specific package, and your recommendation. Justify your recommendation.Note: Do not select an operating system such as Windows. Also, you need to select an application designed to meet the specific needs of the hotel. Do not select ?database? or ?spreadsheet? or even Excel or Access?those are all great tools but they are generic?they?re not designed specifically for this use. Select items that ARE designed specifically to meet these needs.!

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