Computer sciences and Information technology

Computer sciences and Information technologyData base analysisCourse work. (please read the essay carefully and try to understand what the requirements are for this work, if any questions please feel free to ask at anytime. )SimplyTheBest is a Chinese manufacturer of branded toys, such as Lego, Vtech and Chad Valley to name a few. It has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It employs over 300 office staff. It also has a few factories in the city of Dongguan, Guangdong province, China. The company now increasingly outsources most of its production to a growing number of third party manufacturers from within China and also from South East Asia.The managing director of SimplyTheBest Mr Michael Chang has realised that one of their emerging competitors from the Tianjin special economic region in Northern China has installed a highly efficient database system and their lead time has been cut down dramatically. Mike is a graduate of the Business School of Greenwich University and has a good connection with Greenwich IT where you work as a consultant. He has requested to meet up with your team to discuss a possible solution that would computerise the order processing system etc. He will commission a trial system at their Shanghai office if the meeting is successful. He?d like to roll out the system in all their offices as soon as possible after the trial.Order processingThe company receives large amount of orders from customers mainly in North America, Japan and Europe. Many of these orders come with conditions including delivered-by dates, environment-friendly packaging etc. Currently orders and production requests are broken down and relayed to the appropriate suppliers for quotations and responses are made through faxes, email and phone calls. Replies from manufactures are chased, collected and collated before a response can be send to the customer. As the company currently replies on manual coordination of a large number of retailers, manufacturers and logistic firms, it is very time-consuming to fulfil orders. In their Shanghai office alone, more than a hundred people are employed and typical cycle time will be on average 2.5 weeks to respond to a customer who initiated a production request. When Christmas and the New Year are approaching, the situation can get much worse. An office worker normally has to go through a long list of manufacturers from various locations to make initial enquires about product details and prices etc. She?ll chase and compare the replies before she can collate suitable replies for orders. Form 1 and 2 are sample forms used by the company for customer and supplier order respectively.eCommerce PotentialApart from order processing, Mike is also considering of having an eCommerce solution for his company in the future. As a digital media enthusiast he could see the benefits of using multimedia for eCommerce. He would like you to research areas including eCommerce, multimedia and computer networking, and report the findings and recommendations to the board of directors of the company. He would also like you to look into the creation of an eCommerce website.Legal and Ethical IssuesMike is also concerned with any potential legal and ethical issues that may arise regarding the use of computers. He would like to make sure that the new system runs in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 as well as any disability regulations. He would like you to write a short report on any legal and ethical issues regarding the project.1. Individually write a requirements specification of the recommended system that should cover the problem statement, background information, environment and system models, a list of functional and non-functional requirements (at least 1000 words)2. Individually carry out initial research on one of the following topics (at least 1000 words):Research into software packages/tools for data modelling and/or database development/management in the market and issues on keeping personal data in databases relating to DPA1998.You should add references to any source of information you use in the research using the Harvard scheme.3. Individually design and implement a prototype DB system that keeps track of Order/Product/Quotation. For the database, you must include a design Entity Relationship Diagram, and a detailed mapping of the above ERD to database tables using a data dictionary, and you must demonstrate the database to the client (role played by your tutor) that it cano List all the orders in the database; and/oro search an order by date when the order was placed; and/oro list an order with id and date, and show the details of all items (must be more than one) in the order; and/orfor over 70% of the DB markso Give an order id check whether it has been processed by listing details of all the quotations related to it (an order may have many different products each of which may have many quotations by different manufacturers).Individually create a set of first-cut analysis and design diagrams of the eCommerce system using UML, which should include at least one each of the UML use case and class diagram. Possible users of the eCommerce website are the Customers and Suppliers. A customer may make a request online via the website, and check the status of their orders. The suppliers, upon receiving a production enquiry, may upload a quotation via the website and check for any progress. The OOAD effort will form a basis for the development an eCommerce system in the future.o Use case diagrams from the user?s perspective. You?ll need to identify all types of users of the system/website.o a conceptual class diagram for the proposed system. You must use the correct symbols and include multiplicity and inclusiveness. To get full marks that are allocated to the class diagram, you must demonstrate correct use of inheritance, composition/aggregationo a sequence diagram showing a scenario of the user interacting with the website. E.g. a Customer may place an order online by selecting the products and quantities to order, adding any conditions, submitting the order it and getting a reference number if successful. Another scenario is that the customer enters the order reference number and checks the progress of the order. You can choose any suitable scenario to depict.

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