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BackgroundAssume that a University department wants to build a web-based system that helpsstaff members to design Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) tests. This system shouldhold the following data:I. A repository with MCQ questions for potential inclusion in future tests. Someof these questions may have already occurred in past MCQ tests.o Each question should have a unique identifier.o Each question should have a choice of four possible answers. One theseshould be the ?correct? answer.o Each question belongs to one or more topics (such as ?XML?, ?XSLT?,?Relational Databases?, etc).Questions and answers should be written in plain text apart fromo mark-up for bullet point listso mark-up for code-sections which are to be displayed in a fixed-width font.II. Details of past and upcoming MCQ tests. This includes the five-letter modulecode (such as CE832), the date of the test, and the questions that make up thetest. You can assume that each MCQ test is uniquely identified by the moduleidentifier in combination with the test date.Part 1: XML Design, Sample Documents and SchemaDesign an XML format for holding a repository of MCQ questions as describedunder (I) above. Then create a file questions.xml with (at least six) questionstaken from sample questions published for modules CE832 and CE705. Add suitablequestion identifiers and topics to each question. Write a corresponding RELAX NGschema and put it in a file called questions.rnc.Next design an XML format for holding MCQ test details as described under (II)above. Then create a file tests.xml with data for two tests:(CE832, 2010-11-05)(CE705, 2015-12-09)Each test should consist of four questions taken from the repository. Create acorresponding RELAX NG schema and put it in a file called tests.rnc.Check that your two sample XML documents are valid with respect to your schemas.Part 2: RDB, XML and JavaDesign a relational database for holding the question and test data describedunder (I) and (II) above. Then write a Java program that reads MCQ data from XMLfiles questions.xml and tests.xml and stores it in the database.You need to use either MySQL or JavaDB as the database engine. Please name thedatabase schema as ce832_xxxxxx where xxxxxx are the first six letters of yourEssex login.( please use this letters amsalj )Part 3:Write a web site that allows staff members to search in a repository of MCQquestions, to view existing MCQ tests, and to construct new MCQ tests. Whensearching in the repository, staff members should be able to specify:1. topics2. words that should (or should not) occur in the MCQ question and its answers,3. past tests whose questions should be excluded from the search results.All three search parameters should be optional. In particular, if no searchparameters are given, then the search should return all MCQ questions in therepository.You can implement the web interface using any of the Java and XML technologiespresented in CE832. For the persistence layer, you can either use XML (files orBaseX) or the relational database created for Part 2.Part 4: Web ServiceWrite a SOAP or REST based web service for searching in the MCQ questionrepository. The search functionality should be as specified in Part 3 but theimplementation should make use of a different persistence layer compared to Part 3,e.g. if you used XML in Part 3, then Part 4 should be based on a relationaldatabase, and vice versa. The web service should return its result as an XMLdocument.Part 5:Write a concise report about your assignment. State any non-obvious instructionsrequired for setting up and testing your programs. Include a documentation ofyour XML format, database tables as well as the web service interface. Alsodescribe your main design choices in each of the four parts, explaining thereasons why you made those choices and comparing them to alternative approaches.Lastly write a short appraisal of your achievements. How did the project go ?what was easy, what was more difficult than expected? Are there any unresolvedproblems in your final submission? Are there any parts of the assignment thatyou are especially proud of?Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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