COMPUTING1.Write the ten digit

COMPUTING1.Write the ten digit binary number1001001001as a positive integer.2.A computer system usesfloating point representationto storerealnumbers.(a)State the part of floating point representation that determines therangeofnumbers stored.(b)State the part of floating point representation that determines theprecisionofnumbers stored.3.Ali has created a poster usingbitmappedgraphic software. Describe how a bitmappedgraphic is stored.4.Protocol conversionandbufferingare two functions of an interface. Statetwootherfunctions of an interface.5.The table shows types of computer memory listed indescendingorder ofspeed ofaccess, (fastest first). Identify thetwomissing types (1) and (3).(1)(2)Cache(3)(4)Backing store6.Audrey creates and saves a new document to the hard disk.(a)Statetwotasks carried out by thefile managementpart of the operating systemduring this save operation.(b)Stateonetask carried out by theinput/output managementpart of the operatingsystem during this save operation.!

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