Concepts in Chronicity

Concepts in ChronicityProject instructions:For this paper we were supposed to interview a resident at a long term care facility about their chronic illness. My resident had diabetes. When I did her interview, I was supposed to ask the questions that are on the first page of the document that I have copied and pasted here for you. She wasn?t very thorough with her answers, so they need to be elaborated on. Just make it up. This is what I have from the interview??.Her diabetes started 35 years ago, her medications make dealing with her condition easier, and the hardest part about her illness is that she can?t have her candy. She didn?t answer all the questions, so I need the rest of the answers to be made up. It?s very important that the answers are realistic, and that this paper sounds like I actually wrote it. I haven?t used this site in a long time because everytime I do, it sounds like a computer or a robot wrote the paper, and I do not want that. I don?t have time to rewrite it, if it?s not written correctly the first time. This paper has two parts to it?..For the first part, I have to find a nursing journal article published within the last five years that discusses current best practices for care of diabetes, and then follow the directions that are listed in the document I have given you at the end of these instructions. The second part of the paper requires a qualitative research article on diabetes, and then there are bullet points in the document I have copied and pasted below that need to be addressed in the second part of the paper. I will need copies of both of the articles used for the paper.This project will incorporate concepts of chronicity and qualitative literature learned in Chronic Nursing 1 theory with clinical activities. Project is worth a maximum of 40 points. Please refer to the master schedule for the due date.Part 1: 25 pointsThis term we are investigating the issues surrounding being chronically ill and the impact of chronic illness on the individual, the chronically ill person?s family, and on society. For this pa-per, you will interview a selected resident from the long term care facility you are assigned.The paper will have the following components:1) Interview the individual using the seven questions listed below as a guideline:a. Please tell me about your (name of condition). When did it start?b. How does having (name of condition) affect your daily activities and decision-making?c. What kinds of things have you done or do you do to control your condition and prevent complications? (Eat a special diet, take medications, be regular in ac-tivity, or some other behavior.)d. What kinds of assistance do you need from others (family, neighbors, other caregivers, etc.) to help you control/manage your condition?e. From what you?ve learned about your condition, how do you think it will affect your life over the next {select an appropriate time frame ? X weeks, months, or years}?f. Do any of the medications you take make dealing with your condition easier or more difficult?g. Is there one aspect of your condition that is particularly difficult for you to deal with?2) Find at least one nursing journal article, published within the last 5 years, that discusses current best practices for care of the person with the specific condition you are investi-gating. [Note: Even if a journal is listed in CINAHL or OVID, it may not be a NURS-ING journal. Many nursing journals include some form of the word nurse in the name of the journal, but some do not. If unsure about a specific journal, ask your clinical in-structor for clarification.]3) You may use additional resources if you choose to do so ? but only the one nursing journal reference is required. If you use sources other than the professional health care literature available, provide an indication of the audience for the information (resident, general public, etc.).4) Describe the following related to the individual?s chronic disorder:a. Resident?s description of stigma(s) associated with the disorderb. Stage of chronic illness based on Corbin & Strauss? trajectory framework modelc. Be sure to include and address what you have learned and its relationship to nursing practice (see grading rubric).5) Write a 2-3 page paper summarizing the nature of the person?s chronic illness, the ex-pected progression of the illness, as well as the stigma and stages (as described in #4). Briefly summarize the experience of the resident compared to the situation as described in your resources. Integrate information from your resource(s), comparing the actual care with what the resources suggest as current best standard of care. If the resident?s initial care for the condition was delivered many years ago, feel free to comment on what might be different for the resident if care available now had been available when he/she was first diagnosed.6) Required Format: You must use APA format for this paper. Include a title page, 2-3 pages of content, and reference page. You do not need to do an abstract.?????????????..Part Two?????????1. Evidence Based Practice: Find a current (published in 2008 or later) qualitative research article that addresses one of the chronic disease processes your resident is experiencing. Briefly discuss each of the following:? Your resident?s name (use an alias or initials instead of actual name), chronic condition and how the qualitative research article you selected pertains to the res-ident?s chronic condition.? Phenomenon of Study: Describe what phenomenon is being studied in the qualita-tive article you read.? Data: Discuss how data in the study was collected and handled (i.e. was it grouped or clustered?)? Findings: Discuss the study findings.? Themes: Discuss any themes identified by the researcher(s).? Future Research: Discuss any new ideas offered by the author for future research.2. Write a 1-2 page paper summarizing the bulleted items listed above.3. Please print and attach the research article to this assignment.4. Required Format: You must use APA format for this paper. Include a title page, 1-2 pages of content, and reference page. You do not need to do an abstract.!

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