Conflict Resolution & Team Dynamics Final

MT340 Final Project Kaplan University Conflict Resolution and Team Dynamics April 2012 The company is a division of Club is a leading membership warehouse that offers name brand products at a lower cost than regular and products are sold in bulk which can translate into an average savings of about 30 Because of Sam support of small Club was originally geared towards small business but he soon discovered a market niche with large families and realized that they too needed to money and live better The Club culture is based on 3 basic Respect for the Service to our Striving for excellence Throughout all of the Walmart Stores and behind every decision in their processes and and through the work of all values and culture Group and Team Decision Making At there are more informal groups than formal Informal groups are those that are not formally structured and are not part of the organizational structure These groups are generally made up of employees who have found common ground through personal When one employee sees a behavior in another employee that they can relate it provides the impetus for conversation and the beginning of a This type of group is good

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