congestion pricing strategy Project

congestion pricing strategy Project Paper instructions: In the last 20 years, many states when faced with increased demand for transportation facilities, have implemented novel congestion pricing strategies.These strategies include:*HOT lanes, *Express lanes, *Cordon Pricing, etc.For this project you are to conduct research, on congestion pricing strategies, in the USA.You are to select a congestion pricing facility, and research pricing, strategies in USA.You are to select a congestion pricing facility of your choice, and research the answer to the following questions:1. What type of pricing strategy is used on/by the facility? 2. Is the pricing dynamic or static? 3. How often is the price updated? 4. How is Value of Time (VOT) calculated for this facility? (Plot a graph) 6. What time of day is the price Highest? Lowest? 7. Develop a pricing scheme, which you believe will reduce travel time, for the facility. (Show your analysis, of why, this scheme will work.)The course book used in our class, is: Textbooks 1.) Transportation-A Supply Chain Perspective (2011) 7th.Ed., Coyle, Novack, Gibson, Bardi (Required) ISBN 13-978-0-324-78919-5/ISBN-10-0-324-78919-X. South-Western Cengage Learning 2.) Designing and Managing the Supply Chain. Simchi-Levi (Optional) ISBN 0-07-249256-2, 2nd. Ed:

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