Consider the varying viewpoints on slavery converging in America through the lens of one of the authors

Paper detailsThe topic above is the one I want you to write on. The African American author I want you to use is Frederick Douglass.Below is details of the essay. Please call me if you need more information.RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT: English 2131 is a literary survey course that focuses on African American writers and their works. We are exposed to culture, beliefs, and writing styles in one short semester. Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to cover every significant body of literature. Although I have chosen certain readings, I may have passed over something of great interest to you. Critical Thinking Questions (Topics of Choice): Choose one of the following questions to develop the thoughts and ideas for your Research paper (Essay Two). 1. Consider the varying viewpoints on slavery converging in America through the lens of one of the authors. 2. How does African American literature make a significant contribution to the world? 3. Analyze the emerging role of women in African American literary history. You must also utilize at least four authoritative secondary sources (ideally two on each work). Be certain to use proper MLA documentation methods for essay format, in-text citations, and works cited. Your Research Paper has been designed to (among other things) help you: practice finding sources of information by authorities on a subject, establish adequate note-taking techniques, insure you are capable of properly synthesizing information from your reading and research into your own written analysis, and verify you are capable of using the proper MLA style. Thus, your Research Paper is an essay that integrates (synthesizes) information from other sources with your ideas. You will be evaluating the material you have researched and leading your reader toward a considered opinion or conclusion. In other words, you will use this material to support your thesis the same way that you have used ideas and examples to support your ideas in the essays you composed. You must also utilize at least four different authoritative secondary sources. Be certain to use proper MLA documentation methods. Your introduction should present information that leads into the thesis statement, as it will set up the paper. You must use your skills and properly document your sources. Each passing paper will have incorporated at least FOUR different sources, such as a magazine, newspaper, reference book, journal, interview, movie, DVD, etc. DO NOT just locate sources and dump all the information together. The purpose of this assignment has always been to read about and research a topic extensively, selecting what is and is not important to your thesis. Sources should be reputable for your topic choice. Authorities should be appropriate and credible. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE WIKIPEDIA OR TRY TO OBTAIN A CREDIBLE SOURCE THROUGH WIKIPEDIA OR ANY WIKKI SITES.Quotes from Literature (Primary Research) You may choose quotes from any readings in your text (The Norton Anthology of African American Literature) or any outside readings of your own choosing. Strive to select titles of African American literature that are strong representative samples of what the essay will discuss. Use these quotes to establish validity to your thesis and to illustrate the common thoughts or ideas that represent these people. Quotes or Paraphrases from Secondary Sources A secondary source is one that supports the primary sources, usually taking the form of literary criticism, reference sources (historical, journalistic), or supporting commentary from experts in the field. Secondary sources help the researcher to better interpret any cultural nuances or special background that is needed to evaluate the literature properly. Use these sources to verify key facts or to assist you in your understanding of this culture. Research and Documentation Style As part of the Humanities Department to develop students as competent academic writers, this assignment serves as the principal component in providing students with an extended library research project. The student will avail himself/herself of the Georgia Perimeter Library facilities, including on-line materials and sources (, in order to complete this paper. The student will use no less than four (4) different sources (books, magazines, newspapers, journals, interviews, etc.) in completing the assignment. Modern Language Association (MLA) parenthetical style documentation will be employed. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The student must be prepared to provide copies of source material upon demand. The paper will be typed and double-spaced throughout. 1? margins all around paper. No title page is required. Proper format will be shown during class time. The works cited page will appear at the end of the paper and on a separate page, with the words Works Cited centered and at the top. The student?s last name and the page number will appear in the upper right-hand corner of each page, including the first page and the works cited page. The paper will be a minimum of five full pages in length, not including the Works Cited page. Papers that fall short of it shall be docked a minimum of one letter grade. I am expecting that the final paper will be grammatically and structurally solid (eliminate first and second person pronouns, write out contractions, etc.), carefully revised, and contain proper citations and a list of works cited, following MLA style guidelines. In particular, I will consider how effectively you have summarized, paraphrased, or quoted your sources, and how the material provided by these sources supports a clearly defined argumentative thesis. THE BOTTOM LINE: Your essay should not be dominated by summation or simple reporting. This assignment should help you learn about research techniques that will be useful to you throughout your college years. It is important that you learn how to use sources correctly and responsibly. I want to work closely with you to be sure that you feel comfortable with these ideas and procedures, so please email me or come talk with me if you have questions about the proper way(s) to perform and handle research. *** No late papers will be accepted.:

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