Corruption in Nigeria Tertiary Institution

a nation endowed with human and capital resources with a population of over 160 million people an estimated growth rate of percent and covers thousand square about the size of Nevada and Arizona states in the United Nigeria as a is the eight largest oil exporting country in the world and its oil reserves are estimated over 1000 trillion cubic feet It is unfortunate that a country with such abundance cannot compete with the Asian and the industrialized is struggling to stand on its This is due to the prevalence of diseases and unemployment to name a which is characterized by corrupt and the mismanagement of the resources and affairs of the The quest for material possessions and position with corrupt tendencies had been revealed with the various probes of some sectors in Nigeria which indicated top ranking government Above the quest to pass examinations at all cost due to emphasis hard on Certificates than skill or had made students not to embrace honesty and integrity in their conduct in schools Corruption and corrupt practices in education constitutes a serious threat to the successful achievement of education for all or national education goals as pointed out by Hallack and Poisson

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