Creative writing

Creative writingWriting requirements for this assignment will be met by turning in short, creative pieces. Each one must be a minimum of 1100 words and you must write on chapters 1,4 and 9. Each piece must contain subjects of interest within the chapter: authors, artists, musicians, pieces of art or literature and write a creative pieces integrating the subjects. You should included 3-4 subjects from each chapter. You can do it as long poems, letters home from a time travel trip, in the style of an author from the section or book. They should not be research oriented and will be in your own words, showing you understand the time period, culture, etc of each chapter. You may do the same style for all three chapters, one long piece, different styles for each chapter or different styles within each chapter. you may write in the first-person or as casually as necessary for creative purposes. They must be typed. If you choose to include a quote in a particular reflection, you must cite in the text of your writing where the quote came from.Text: Discovering the Humanities, 2nd Edition, by Henry M. Sayre!

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