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PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT #103 crime information1. Question 1: Design a query that returns all crime information for any city in California with a population of greater than five hundred thousand but less than onemillion. Also provide full city and state name.2. Question 2: Design a query that returns a comparison of statistics for Robberies in the cities of California and Ohio. Statistics are Sum, Average, StandardDeviation, Min, and Max.3. Question 3: Design a query that returns the property crime data for all cities that start with the letter R or S, and where Motor Vehicle crime is greater than1,000. Also provide full city name and state abbreviation.4. Question 4: Design a query that calculates the total of all violent and property crime (new variables) and grand total crime (new variable, total of both types), bycity. Also provide the full city and state names, and sort the data by grand total crime, from high to low.5. Provide the SQL Code for a query that queries and finds cities where crime data where Murder is greater than 100 or where Burglary is greater than 8000. Alsoprovide full city and state names.:

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