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Critical summaryOrder DescriptionStudents are required to write a 1500-word critical summary based on a biography/autobiography of a high profile person or an organisation. The critical summary will critically Discuss (check for the help you need) the interrelations between the growth path of the selected person/organisation and the globalisation context. Students are encouraged to choose cases which are related to their proposed career path. It is expected that the paper will justify the selected case (its relevance to the subject of this unit and your career path); show evidence of research on the case (e.g. supporting your arguments with specific examples); demonstrate your capability to innovatively and critically apply relevant theories and concepts learned in this unit to articulate your points of argument. The work should be written and presented properly (accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling and proper structure). All source material used in the work should be referenced properly using Harvard referencing style.The summary should include the following points:a) A brief summary of the points of argument to be presented.b) A short bio of the person/organisation and the field in which they work.c) Discuss (check for the help you need)ion on the interrelations between the growth path of the selectedperson/organisation and the globalisaiton context. This includes the impacts of global knowledge society (demands, opportunities, challenges) on the growth path of the person/organisation and the contribution/reaction of the person/organisation to the global knowledge society.d) A conclusion of your argument.e) References (Harvard referencing style).

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