Crocodile Physics Crocodile Physics is like

Crocodile Physics Crocodile Physics is like a well-stocked physics lab where you can experiment to your hearts content. Covering many syllabus topics, here is the hardware flattened for the small screen. There are masses, trolleys, lenses and electronic components to assemble, experiment and take measurements with. You can swing pendulums, change gravity, change angle of ramps to learn about forces. Excellent are the optics tools which let you split light into its colours with a prism and see how fibre optics transmit light. A section on eye defects, where you increase the focal length of a spectacle lens and see what that does to the light rays will make an awesome teaching tool. Though it comes with worksheets, those with time to spare can use it to create impressive interactive tutorials. Crocodile Physics has been developed from Crocodile Clips 3, the acclaimed High School Physics simulator used in over 35 countries and recommended by governments worldwide. It’s a simulator for Middle and High school and college physics courses. Crocodile Physics includes a powerful optics simulator, with a range of components including lenses, prisms, mirrors and light sources.You can set the wavelength of the light being emitted from your source, and choose parallel beams, diverging beams or rays. You can also set the dimensions of the source. Crocodile Physics contains a full range of electrical components. Every school subject area is covered: from the basic batteries, bulbs and switches – which are also given in pictorial form, to help understanding of the first principles – to more advanced logic gates, integrated circuits and semiconductors. A vast component library gives you the freedom to experiment in a way that suits your teaching, and allows interested students to explore the subject more deeply. One of the key features which marks Crocodile Physics out from other teaching soft…

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