Culture, Ethnocentrism and Schindler’s List

Ethnocentrism and List Jacquelyn Ricker November 2011 Abstract Culture is what we believe and how we a feature of tells us that our culture is better than any others and that other cultures are inferior or have disturbing practices that differ from our In extreme a culture can dominate and destroy another culture just because it considers it unworthy and as seen in the movie Ethnocentrism and List Culture is made up of and other characteristics customary to the individuals who are a part of a certain group or It is how we define and mold ourselves to our shared enabling us to contribute to our But until we experience another culture different from our we are not even aware of what characteristics make up In most we do not acknowledge our culture until another individual breaches one or our or we disregard someone If a person takes into consideration another standards and behaviors and understands that there is no right or wrong between the two then that person has reached cultural this is difficult to do as it is common for all people everywhere to place their own culture patterns at the center of no matter which culture he

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