Current events summary

Current events summary Paper instructions: Current Events Summary:Fights against the state are common throughout the world. For example, the Thai military conducted a coup against the government that had been facing six months of protest, and, following the coup protesters left the street. This is just one example of a contemporary case of an opposition movement challenging the state. Your job is to find another example of an ONGOING CHALLANGE to a state government reported in a renowned news source. Once you have found the event, you are to research the opposition?s demands or grievances and the methods of conflict they have engaged in against the state.A summary of the group?s background, demands and tactics is to be 2 pages in length. Attach the news article or a link to the article, DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE CONFLICT OR ARTICLE. Describe the background and current state of the conflict, what identifies the opposition group as a unique actor, etc. :

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