Curriculum Development – Dead Poet’s Society

JANN ANDRE 2013 IV SIGUA CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT WORKSHEET VISION AND MISSION PHILIPPINE NORMAL MINDANAO STATE PNU is dedicated to nurturing innovative teachers and education To provide a relevant and integrated system of equality general education that will promote national cultural moral integrity and spiritual To produce a supply of quality manpower required for regional as well as for national To engage in research and extension activities that will lead to economic upliftment of the surrounding and To help humanity live a superior PNU shall become an internationally recognized and nationally responsive teacher education As the established producer of knowledge workers in the field of it shall be the primary source of teachers and education managers who can directly inspire and shape the quality of Filipino students and graduates in the country and the MSU aspires to be a comprehensive Education for personal renewal and social The Mindanao State University in the pursuit of its be committed to the total development of man and to the search for virtue and academic MATRIX FOR COMPARISON PHILIPPINE NORMAL MINDANAO STATE KIND OF Progressivism Social Perennialism DELIVERY OF PNU is focused specifically in enriching teacher education through the use of an improve Information and

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