DArtagnan is a young, impoverished man from the

DArtagnan is a young, impoverished man from the rural area of France called Gascony. He goes to Paris in hopes of becoming one of the kings musketeers. He has few assets and relies on his wit and charm to guide him. Despite his lack of juvenility, he still deeply believes in the idea of chivalry. It is that ideal that earns him the respect and friendship of his friends Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. DArtagnan is also a very passionate man. He pursues both his enemies and love interests with reckless abandon. An example would be DArtagnans pursuit of his evil-guiness, Rochefort. Also, his passion is exhibited in his quest to aid the queen. Such deeds also prove DArtagnans bravery. And, it is DArtagnans bravery that earns him the trust of the queen and allows him to pursue his love interest, Madame Bonacieux. DArtagnans bravery also allows him to become a soldier, and later, a musketeer. It also gives DArtagnan the courage to battle against the cardinal, despite his power. Thus, his bravery also gets him into trouble. DArtagnan is constantly at battle against the cardinal and his agents. However, DArtagnan is not alone in his battles. His friends support him throughout the book. And, DArtagnan is equally allegiant to his friends. He supports his friends whenever the need arises. An example would be DArtagnans choice to fight with his friends in their first melee with Rochefort. DArtagnan is indubitably loyal to his friends, as they are to him. Loyalty is a prominent theme in the book. It is the very essence of the characters, All for one and one for all. The four friends are devoted to each other and prove it throughout the book. The friends all nobly stand by each other in their battle against the cardinal. On several occasions DArtangnan calls upon his …

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