Darwin started his Study on Natural Selection in 1

Darwin started his Study on Natural Selection in 183, when he joined an expedition on the HMS beagle, an around the world ship. In 1844, Darwin wrote the first paper explaining his theory on evolution, which was published in 1858. This essay will include the four main points of natural selection. First, the theory states that there is variation within populations. Variations are passed on from parents to their offspring. An example is a white tiger would pass that gene onto its offspring. Second, some variations help a species survive. An example of this is that a fast running animal would be able to survive better in some environments. Organisms would then be able to run from their predators and/or catch prey easier. Third, not all an organisms offspring can survive. This mean that an organism produces more offspring than will survive to reproduce. An example of this are bees. A queen will lay thousands of eggs but only hundreds of bees will live and only one will be the queen of the hive. The survival of a segment of a population that will later reproduce is differential reproduction. Last but not least, is that the surviving individuals will reproduce and carry out the species and multiply to make the species stronger as a whole. If you are not adapted then you will not live to reproduce and therefore your population will not grow….

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