Database Administration

Database AdministrationColumnstore Index Support and SQL Server 2012Columnstore indexes and batch-query execution mode are deeply integrated in SQL Server 2012, andthey work in conjunction with many of the Database Engine features found in SQL Server 2012. Forexample, database administrators can implement a columnstore index on a table and still successfullyuse AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AG), AlwaysOn failover cluster instances (FCI), database mirroring,log shipping, and SQL Server Management Studio administration tools. Here are the commonbusinessdata types supported by columnstore indexes:?? char and varchar?? All Integer types (int, bigint, smallint, and tinyint)?? real and float?? string?? money and small money?? All date, time, and DateTime types, with one exception (datetimeoffset with precision greaterthan 2)?? Decimal and numeric with precision less than or equal to 18 (that is, with less than or exactly18 digits)?? Only one columnstore index can be created per table.Columnstore Index RestrictionsAlthough columnstore indexes work with the majority of the data types, components, and featuresfound in SQL Server 2012, columnstore indexes have the following restrictions and cannot beleveragedin the following situations:?? You can enable PAGE or ROW compression on the base table, but you cannot enable PAGE orROW compression on the columnstore index.?? Tables and columns cannot participate in a replication topology.?? Tables and columns using Change Data Capture are unable to participate in a columnstoreindex.?? Create Index: You cannot create a columnstore index on the following data types:? decimal greater than 18 digits? binary and varbinary? BLOB? CLR!

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