David Hume and His Reflections on the Economy

Intercultural communication Philosophy of culture David Hume and his reflections on the economy Introduction In this essay I will analyze philosophical and psychological approach to the economic issues by David which have played a significant influence on the formation of classical and especially on the work of another great philosopher Adam David the Scottish Enlightenment leading representative and one of the most important figures in the history of Western philosophy is known mainly as a interest in economic issues include a broad range of topics and is often associated with his especially the philosophy of In my considerations I will focus mainly on approach on the psychological factors present in the phenomena and processes of Hume is probably more widely recognized for his direct contributions to in a series of essays from 1752 which are cited as the inspiration for modern theories in the areas of international trade and Thus for example Friedman discusses modern monetarism in terms of a of ideas stemming from Frenkel and Johnson repeatedly cite his theory of money and trade as an original expression of a key element of global Rostow considers Hume as the first in the development of modern theories of economic through

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