David SedarisIn a clear, well-

David SedarisIn a clear, well-composed, and thoughtful essay of five paragraphs, respond to the following prompt. Your essay should be written in the objectivevoice and include no references to personal experience. All successful essays must be well-organized and follow all rules of grammar/ punctuation,format, and MLA documentation (please see the departmental rubric for specifics on these elements).Prompt: Critically analyze how David Sedaris supports his argument in ?What I Learned and What I said at Princeton? (196-200). Be certain toinclude his main assertion(s) in your introduction. Quote directly from Sedaris? essay, Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ing each quote to substantiate the points you aremaking about his use of evidence, his ethos both in his credibility as an author and his credibility on this subject (include both of these in onebody paragraph dedicated to ethos) and his pathos regarding how he wants his audience to feel.

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