DD102 Introducing the social sciences TMA01

Introducing the social sciences TMA01 In your own define difference and and provide an example of each one on City Difference can be referred as a point or way in which people or things are As we human beings are all different in many ways and can be indentified according to many standard of believes social and ethic Differences should be of no but become so when they are coupled with the circumstance of Inequalities often are referred to unequal access to economic and social On City Road there are many differences and inequalities among the who work and enjoy the The existence of the Food Bank is a clear example of As shown in the film people visiting the market have the freedom of being able to purchase and chose what they where people attending the food bank do not have that freedom and choice as to what they would like example can be seen in the experience of somebody suffering with physical a person like Stephan Sweetman As the majority of the people find it easy and freely to move around in case we can see he have the same privileges and the abilities to move around freely

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