Debate Principles, Motions and Explanations

GERALD CABARLES NECESSARY TH would assassinate Dictators Government Assassination can be defined as the targeted killing of an individual for political reasons in It can be undertaken by individual or by the agents of another but in either case it takes place without any legal Why is ther a need in doing The setting up of this principle is in the method of necessary evil if it really cause harm than the assassination can be done by another agent of the state in such a way that the law obtaining in the region has he influence of another state to do If the dictator obviously harm the citizens and when agreed they can assassinate dictator in such a way that with valid reason that causes the people to THW Secretly Monitor Suspicious Individuals Government I believe that if there is a real probable cause for the government to investigate a specific person then they should use all resources needed including tapping into an individuals web or any other form of technology they see that will help with their Honestly I would not care if they watched over my even if I was not guilty of the crime they are investigating

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