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A person without the knowledge of their past history origin and culture is like a tree without roots.?- Marcus Garvey. This says that a person is defined by his or her culture by the way he/she acts thinks and speaks. A person is defined by his or her culture by the way he or she thinks. A person see?s the world differently so the way they think and act would be distinct. They would think differently because of the different backgrounds that they have. In the story Imagine? it says you may say I?m a dreamer but I?mDefine Culture not the only one. I hope someday you?ll join us and the world will live as one?. John Lennon explains how people think he?s different because of what he is. He also says how people aren?t all the same but he wishes that one day we were. He wishes that one day we will all see the world the same and we would be the same. A person is defined by his or her culture by the way he or she?s history family tree and he or she?s way of life. A person is defined by his or her culture because it effects the way they act or speak. In the story Where I?m From? George States ?leaf fall from the family tree?? This example from the text explains that every detail moment or where she is from in the poem is from her family tree. It?s saying the poem are moments or cultural things that effected her or shaped her as a person. The things she shares in the poem are all from her families history or culture (family tree). Although others may argue that culture doesn?t effect your education other people don?t always agreebecause their culture has taught them everything they know.An example on how culture defines your education is that people can attend any schoolbut when they are being taught they realize that it is different from what they know. In the story An Indian Father?s Plea? the protagonist argues My son is culturally different.? If you ask him how many months are in a year he will probably tell you 13. He will respond this way not because he doesn?t know how to count but because he was taught by our people that there are 13 full moons in a year.? This quote demonstrates that even though he is Indian he is culturally different because his culture has taught him what he knows. Your families history education and your view or the way you think all contribute on how your culture defines you. It?s obvious that any person would benefit from he or she?s culture.”

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